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Welcome to Egoli Aviation

Egoli Aviation creates responsible aviation citizens who are inspired and challenged to make a difference in the aviation sector.

We are specialists in Aviation training and safety with a reputation for facilitating inspiring and engaging interactive courses based in South Africa.With us, you’ll get more than your average flight school. You will get the product of years of experience in the military, commercial and bush aviation fields:

  • World class, informative, effective and inspirational Aviation training.

  • Access to a diverse quality portfolio of Aviation training courses from “Zero to Airline Pilot” and “Job Interview Application and preparation”.

  • Fresh insights into aviation safety issues and built-in Risk Management into every Training course, every flight, every day.



With our range of courses and professional training you'll move from Zero hours to Captain standards within 12-14 months.



Our professional and friendly staff are here to assist you with any questions you may have during your training.



Here at the Egoli, we ensure your comfort during flight training and believe it is important for your long term success.



Browse through the latest available jobs or catch up with the latest news in aviation.

"Where everywhere else they’ll call you Pilot,
- here at Egoli we’ll call you Aviator."

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Our effective
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