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Our Mission at Egoli Aviation

With us, you’ll get more than your average flight school:

We are committed to raising the standard of Aviators entering the market and so deliver inspirational, thought-provoking and results-driven Aviation Training that focuses on shaping attitudes alongside developing competencies which makes our students more attractive to potential employers while, simultaneously improving on the safety of the industry.

Our Flight, Operations and Safety Training Programs are developed and managed by highly qualified and passionate practitioners with years of industry experience by delivering a Training model that achieves real results based on personal experience.


Egoli Aviation wants to raise the level of safety and skills in the aviation industry by ensuring that students are trained to be the best Aviators entering the “new young pilot” environment and by taking a young Aviator’s level of practical skills, competence and knowledge beyond what regulations require helping her/him to bridge the gap between approved organisations and their authorities.

Egoli creates a positive change at both a personal and organisational level by ensuring that all the students are supported from start to finish and beyond, including support during their future careers.

We deliver Training with 100% satisfaction thanks to our high standards of customer service and deep industry knowledge, mixed with the genuine passion for improving knowledge, understanding, skills and practical competence in all aspects of aviation and safety.

We create Aviators, not just Pilots...
When in doubt, hold on to your altitude.
No-one has ever collided with the sky.

"Where everywhere else they’ll call you Pilot,
- here at Egoli we’ll call you Aviator."

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