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With the Lowest Prices on the Market, We Take the Student Side

Aviation Training costs have always been on the high end of all the education forms. More than an MBA, Law School, or Medical School. We don’t believe in high cost education, it is unfair and most of the time it doesn’t make any economical sense. In Europe you end up paying around 100.000 euro for your Training costs.

Why pay more?

We decided to take the student side and optimise our Training, our fleets, our programs and we don’t charge you for knowledge, only for fuel and maintenance costs. We want our students to excel in aviation so one day they can say: “ I’m a good Aviator because I was trained by Egoli Aviation” -

That’s How we do business!


"Where everywhere else they’ll call you Pilot,
- here at Egoli we’ll call you Aviator."

Why choose us?

Our effective
training programs


With the lowest prices on the market,
we take the student side


We ensure the best quality
in the world