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We Ensure the Best Quality in the World

Our power derives from the quality control and assurance we put in place toward our providers, ensuring constantly that Training programs, instructors, and aircrafts are always reviewed and monitored and maintained.

South African Civil Aviation Authority, is one of the most stringent authorities in the world and constantly audited by ICAO. The Authority works in a very efficient way and Egoli is ensuring that CATs and CARs (regulations and directives) are always and promptly implemented by the Training providers.

Finally, as we constantly liaise with the Airlines and Charter operators around the world, we ensure that our standard are matching those required by the job market for young aviators, so you can rest assured that you will rock your first job interview.


"Where everywhere else they’ll call you Pilot,
- here at Egoli we’ll call you Aviator."

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We ensure the best quality
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